Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Before Boomkin Shot

Capt Chris, NW Breeze, not so humid
09/28/2007, Deltaville VA

Here is a picture of the old boomkin prior to pending replacement.

Capt Chris

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Yards

Capt Chris, humid
Deltaville VA

Hello All. I left Reedville VA after spending a quiet night at anchor bound for Deltaville Virginia which is my spot for some respite and repairs. The wind has swung around to the southwest for the first time in at least two weeks. Even though we observed the autumnal equinox on the 21st were in a summertime like weather pattern down here in the Chesapeake. So I had some head winds to contend with for a few hours which slowed my progress. But not to worry as all is well. I moored port side too Chesapeake Bay Marine Railway, which is the shipyard I'm hauled at.

So yesterday morning Christa was hauled out and hung from the 50 Ton travel lift. With trepidation I stood as Christa was raised. It's always a curiosity to see how well the bottom paint has held up and even more importantly if any of the dreaded blisters have reared up. She had not been raised for three years and knowing this would be the case I gave the bottom job in California extra attention. So a good lesson learned, it paid off. Christa's bottom is in near perfect shape which means less expense and hassle during this yard period and for the first time ever I will pay the yard to do the bottom job since it will be less labor intensive.

After lunch Christa was blocked up and my work began. Lots going on, time is money as the saying goes. I contracted with the yard to mill new Douglas Fir wooden boomkin pieces to replace my existing one's. This is a big job and I estimate it will take the next four days of my life to complete. The boomkin is two pieces of wood that extend off the stern that provide the anchor point for the backstay, which prevents the mast from falling forward. Attached to the boomkin is my self steering vane, radar and wind generator mast, the block and tackle that attaches the tiller to the self steering and maybe other stuff, I don't know. It's a Clampitt type situation back their. But I spent the whole afternoon removing all the equipment and the old boomkins. The yard carpenter took measurements and milled two beautiful pieces of wood. I was able to put two coats of epoxy penetrate on the new wood in the yard shop.

Today, I should be able to put a coat of Cetol on the new boomkins and fit them in place. A rigger will swinging by to take measurements to replace the babystays, which attach to the boomkin and provide the counter pressure to the upward pull of the backstay. Confused? Don't worry about it! Then a metal fabricator will swing by to figure out a new mounting method for the base of the radar, wind generator
and the Racor fuel filter in the engine room.

So, gottta go time is money!

Capt Chris